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Operational risk management: Controlling opportunities and threats. ISBN 0957907400, 2001 - Currently sold out.

Our publication is now available as an ebook at no cost. You can download it from our blog page (our first blog). Operational risk management: Controlling opportunities and threats has been used as a university text book for many years.


"Risk managers receive countless newsletters, press releases and e-mails heralding new and exciting ideas for the profession. Unfortunately, the products rarely live up to the scores of sensational words that marketers use to promote them. Walker's book on operational risk management, however, delivers what it promises: a truly thought-- provoking approach to risk and risk management."





  Hospital and health care security in Australia.

ISBN 978-0-9579074-1-6, 2009 - Currently sold out.

This book provides a complete guide to understanding, implementing and managing security in this challenging environment. It has been written to address the need for a local guide to security that takes into consideration Australia's legislative, regulatory and standards environment. The cost is $100.00 (includes GST and postage within Australia or international postage).

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