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Portfolio - Corrections and Detention

Connley Walker has extensive knowledge of security in correction facilities. We have provided security reviews, security designs, risk assessments and more to our clients. Our staff are licenced, qualified, and confident to provide security consulting services to Australian correction facilities. Our previous projects include Department of Justice Victoria, DHS – Juvenile Justice, Department of Immigration (DIMIA), NSW Department of Justice, Port Phillip Prison, Long Bay Prison, John Morony Correctional Complex, Baxter JJ Centre, Cobham JJ Centre, Acmena JJ Justice, Rieby JJ Centre, Riverina JJ Centre Orana JJ Centre, Barwon Prison, Loddon Prison, Metropolitan Remand Centre, Parkville JJ Centre Marngoneet Correction, and more. Connley Walker offers comprehensive security consulting, security designs, security risk assessments and further reviews for correction facilities.