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Previous Projects - Connley Walker Security Consulting Services: Ambulance Victoria

Expert Security Consulting Services for Ambulance Victoria

As a leading physical security consulting firm in Australia, Connley Walker was proud to have worked with Ambulance Victoria, providing comprehensive security consulting services that enhanced the safety and security of their people and assets.

Our team of licensed and qualified experts conducted a thorough physical security review of multiple sites, which included CCTV specification and tender process, site inspection and appraisal, access control system tech specifications, and security support arrangements. We also provided a comprehensive risk assessment and detailed design, commissioning/defects inspection of Thomastown warehouse & Ambulance Victoria delivery vans.

We conducted a review of front counter security for Ambulance Victoria, providing recommendations to enhance the overall security posture of the facility. Our lighting assessment was aimed at improving safety and visibility, and we provided a range of recommendations to ensure optimal security outcomes.

We worked closely with Ambulance Victoria to ensure that our security solutions were practical, effective, and aligned with their budget and timelines.

At Connley Walker, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver customised and practical security solutions that cater to the specific needs of our clients. Contact us today to learn more about our security consulting services and how we can help safeguard your people and assets.

How we can assist you

  • Security reviews and assessments
  • Threat and risk assessments
  • Security designs and implementation
  • Emergency management planning and training
  • Security system audits and assessments
  • Security project management
  • Security personnel selection and training
  • Physical security surveys and assessments
  • Security technology evaluation and implementation
  • Crisis management and incident response planning

At Connley Walker, we take great pride in our capability to provide tailored and comprehensive security solutions that are specifically designed to address the unique requirements of emergency services organisations. We recognise the significance of securing emergency services facilities, and we are dedicated to working closely with our clients to develop and implement effective security strategies that enhance their safety and resilience.

Our licensed and qualified team of experts conducts comprehensive security risk assessments and designs practical and effective security solutions to mitigate potential risks and vulnerabilities. We have the knowledge and experience to provide customised security consulting services, including security reviews, security designs, and security risk assessments for emergency services organisations.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to explore how our services can assist your emergency services organisation in achieving optimal security outcomes and safeguarding your people and assets.

Connley Walker is an independent security consulting group specialising in both physical and cyber security, along with expertise in risk management. Connley Walker fully complies with the Australian Government’s Information Privacy Principles (IPP) and is able to provide IPP consulting services related to securing your information.

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Connley Walker is an independent security consulting group with engineers specialising in physical and cyber security and risk management.

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QLD – Security Firm Licence No. 3255594.

QLD – Registered Professional Engineers No. 21615.

SA – Exempt from a licence as Engineers (Security and Investigation Industry Regulations Part 2, 5 (1) (b)).

VIC – Registered Building Practitioners No. EE21166.

VIC – Private Security Business Registration No. 720-062-90S.

TAS – Building Service Provider Licence No. 363589169.

WA – Security Agent Licence No. SA56167.


ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assured.

SCEC Endorsed Security Zone Consultants (Registration Number 0075).

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