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As your trusted CPTED Consultant, we understand that fostering secure environments requires a holistic approach. Our CPTED consulting services go beyond traditional security measures, delving into the strategic design and planning of spaces to deter criminal activity and enhance overall safety.

Understanding the Essence of CPTED:

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, commonly known as CPTED, is a multidisciplinary approach that integrates urban planning, design principles, and architectural strategies to create environments that discourage criminal behavior. It revolves around the idea that the physical environment significantly influences human behavior and, consequently, impacts the occurrence of crimes.

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Connley Walker – Your Preferred CPTED Consultant:

Our commitment to excellence in creating safe environments extends to being your premier CPTED Consultant. We believe that proactive design measures can profoundly impact the social dynamics of a space, fostering a sense of security and community.

Key Components of Connley Walker’s CPTED Consulting Services:

In-Depth Site Analysis:

As your dedicated CPTED Consultant, we kick off with a meticulous site analysis. Each environment is unique, and as your CPTED Consultant, we tailor our approach for effective implementation. Connley Walker’s experts conduct thorough on-site evaluations, taking into account geographical features, existing structures, and community dynamics.

Collaboration and Stakeholder Involvement:

We prioritise involving stakeholders in the CPTED process. As your CPTED Consultant, Connley Walker collaborates closely with clients, local communities, and relevant authorities to incorporate diverse perspectives. By engaging stakeholders, we ensure that CPTED strategies align with specific needs.

Environmental Design Recommendations:

Armed with insights from the site analysis, Connley Walker formulates comprehensive environmental design recommendations. These may include modifications to physical structures, improvements in lighting, landscaping changes, and alterations to the overall layout. Our aim, as your CPTED Consultant, is to create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also inherently secure.

Surveillance and Visibility Optimisation:

One of the core tenets of CPTED, emphasised by your CPTED Consultant, is optimising surveillance and visibility within a space. Connley Walker focuses on designing environments that maximise natural surveillance, ensuring that public spaces are easily observable. This discourages criminal activity by increasing the perceived risk of detection.

Access Control Strategies:

Effective access control is a key pillar of CPTED. As your CPTED Consultant, Connley Walker develops strategies to manage and control access points, deterring unauthorised entry. Whether through strategic placement of entrances, effective signage, or technological solutions, our aim is to create spaces where access is clearly defined and controlled.

Landscape Design Integration:

Landscaping plays a pivotal role in shaping the environment. Connley Walker, as your CPTED Consultant, seamlessly integrates landscape design principles into CPTED strategies. From selecting vegetation that enhances visibility to creating natural barriers, our approach considers the symbiotic relationship between the built environment and nature.

Lighting Solutions for Safety:

Strategic lighting is a crucial aspect of CPTED. Connley Walker, your dedicated CPTED Consultant, assesses existing lighting infrastructure and proposes enhancements to improve safety. Our goal is to create well-lit environments that not only enhance visibility but also contribute to a sense of security.


Why Choose Connley Walker as Your CPTED Consultant?

Expertise and Experience:

At Connley Walker, our team, serving as your CPTED Consultant, boasts extensive expertise and experience. Our professionals are well-versed in the principles of environmental design and have successfully implemented CPTED strategies in diverse settings.

Tailored Solutions:

We recognise that one size does not fit all when it comes to CPTED. Connley Walker, as your CPTED Consultant, takes a personalised approach, tailoring our solutions to the unique characteristics of each environment. This ensures that our recommendations are not only effective but also culturally and contextually relevant.

Collaborative Approach:

Collaboration is at the heart of our CPTED consulting services. Connley Walker, your dedicated CPTED Consultant, values the input of clients, communities, and stakeholders. By fostering collaboration, we create spaces that resonate with the people who inhabit and interact with them.

Proactive Problem-Solving:

Connley Walker, as your CPTED Consultant, is committed to proactive problem-solving. Our experts anticipate potential issues and design solutions that address them preemptively. This forward-thinking approach ensures the long-term effectiveness and sustainability of CPTED strategies.

Focus on Community Safety:

Our ultimate goal, as your CPTED Consultant, is to enhance community safety through effective CPTED measures. Connley Walker believes that safe environments contribute to the well-being of individuals and communities, fostering a sense of security and belonging.

Connley Walker is an independent security consulting group specialising in both physical and cyber security, along with expertise in risk management. Connley Walker fully complies with the Australian Government’s Information Privacy Principles (IPP) and is able to provide IPP consulting services related to securing your information.

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Connley Walker is an independent security consulting group with engineers specialising in physical and cyber security and risk management.

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