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Connley Walker provides independent consultancy services for all aspects of security including management strategy, structure, procedures, technology and physical security.

Security Risk Assessments

Secure your business with our thorough Security Risk Assessments. Identifying vulnerabilities and crafting robust strategies for risk mitigation, we ensure your operations remain resilient and safeguarded against potential threats.

Security Strategy Development

Enhance your organisation's security posture through Connley Walker's Security Strategy Development. Our experienced professionals craft customised security plans, integrating thorough risk assessments to safeguard your business against evolving threats. Count on us to secure your unique needs with precision and expertise in the ever-changing security landscape.

Security Frameworks

At Connley Walker, we specialise in crafting tailored security frameworks. Our seasoned team reviews and enhances existing frameworks, strategically addressing vulnerabilities and fostering resilience. Partner with us for a collaborative, proactive approach to security that adapts to evolving threats, ensuring a dynamic infrastructure tailored to your unique needs.

Security Management Plans

At Connley Walker, we specialise in developing and reviewing Security Management Plans with a hands-on, tailored approach. Our seasoned professionals collaborate closely with clients to craft scalable and technical plans, acknowledging the unique characteristics, risk profiles, and operational dynamics of each organisation. Partner with us for comprehensive, forward-thinking strategies that adapt to the dynamic security landscape, ensuring the safety of assets and personnel.

SCEC Consulting

At Connley Walker, our SCEC Consulting services, endorsed by the Australian Government SCEC, offer clients top-tier guidance in physical security compliance. Recognised for our depth of knowledge, we go beyond standard offerings, providing nuanced advice tailored to specific client needs. Engage with us for a collaborative approach to assess and enhance security infrastructure, evaluate systems, and strategically plan effective security measures. Choosing Connley Walker as your SCEC Consultants ensures a partnership rooted in excellence, professionalism, and a thorough understanding of evolving security requirements.

Security Strategy Development

At Connley Walker, our comprehensive security services, including audits, inspections, reviews, and due diligence, exemplify our commitment to excellence. Our seasoned professionals conduct rigorous assessments, providing holistic insights to fortify organisations' security postures. Beyond vulnerability identification, we offer actionable recommendations, tailoring strategies to address unique challenges. Our due diligence services equip organisations with informed decision-making, mitigating potential risks associated with new projects, acquisitions, or partnerships.

Lighting Assessments

At Connley Walker Pty Ltd, our Lighting Assessments exemplify a commitment to safety and excellence, adhering to Australian standard AS/NZS 1158.3.1:2020. Going beyond compliance, our expert team tailors assessments for each project, optimising lighting solutions for safety, efficiency, and seamless integration with surroundings. Rooted in expertise and dedication, our assessments incorporate cutting-edge practices, ensuring compliance with industry guidelines and contributing to the creation of safer public spaces.

Regulatory Compliance for Controlled Substances

At Connley Walker, we are the trusted partner for organisations seeking excellence in handling and storing controlled substances. Our dedicated team ensures comprehensive regulatory compliance, exceeding stringent requirements through tailored assessments, robust protocols, and continuous monitoring. With a proactive approach to evolving regulatory landscapes, our expertise guides clients to navigate complexities with confidence. Beyond compliance, our commitment extends to excellence, establishing best practices that elevate standards and seamlessly integrate regulatory measures into day-to-day operations.

Security Training and Awareness

At Connley Walker, we elevate security postures through comprehensive training and awareness services. Our holistic approach spans tailored program development, implementation, and continuous enhancement. Addressing unique organisational needs, our programs align with the latest security trends and best practices. Beyond conventional methods, we incorporate cutting-edge technologies and interactive learning, fostering a proactive mindset in identifying and mitigating security risks.

Tender Specifications, Tender Evaluations, and Contract Reviews

At Connley Walker, we excel in supporting the procurement process for security services, ensuring the selection of the right provider and establishing robust contractual frameworks. Our expert team provides comprehensive support from developing tender specifications to evaluating submissions and conducting thorough contract reviews. With a commitment to excellence, we engage in a consultative process to understand unique client requirements, crafting specifications that align with industry standards and capture the specific nuances of the security landscape.

Electronic and Physical Security Designs

At Connley Walker, we specialise in designing cutting-edge security technology solutions to advance our clients' safety and security. Our expert team collaborates dynamically to exceed security expectations, focusing on highly customised designs for electronic security systems, including advanced technologies such as CCTV and EACS. Through a consultative process, we tailor our designs to align seamlessly with the unique operational landscapes, risk profiles, and challenges of each organisation, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.

Communications, ICT and Cyber Security

At Connley Walker, we specialise in delivering comprehensive communications, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and cyber security solutions. Our highly skilled team of security consultants is dedicated to safeguarding digital assets and fortifying defences against the evolving landscape of cyber threats. Through a consultative and collaborative approach, we tailor solutions to the specific nuances of each organisation's digital landscape, addressing challenges from securing communication channels to protecting intricate ICT infrastructures.

Business Continuity Consulting

At Connley Walker, we excel in business continuity consulting, recognising its paramount importance in the contemporary business landscape. Our expert team offers tailored services to review and develop robust business continuity management plans and strategies. Through a consultative and collaborative process, we gain profound insights into the unique needs and challenges of each organisation, crafting plans that exceed industry standards and align seamlessly with their business environment.

Critical Infrastructure

At Connley Walker, our specialised focus on critical infrastructure aligns with the Australian Government's mandate for security and resilience. Our dedicated team of experts brings extensive knowledge to address the unique challenges and risks faced by critical infrastructure entities. Going beyond compliance, our comprehensive services fortify security postures and enhance overall resilience. Through a consultative and collaborative approach, we gain profound insights into the operational landscapes, risk profiles, and compliance needs of critical infrastructure organisations.

Acoustic Consultants and Assessments

At Connley Walker, our Acoustic Consulting and Assessments set a pivotal standard within our security solutions. With meticulous attention to detail and dedication to international standards, our services elevate sound insulation in Zone 2 to 5 security zones. Proficient in ISO-16283-1-2014 and ASIO Technical Note 1-15 guidelines, we ensure confidentiality and protection within secured environments, surpassing industry benchmarks for a level of security assurance that exceeds expectations.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

At the forefront of security innovation, Connley Walker specialises in hostile vehicle mitigation to address and mitigate the risk of hostile vehicle attacks. Our expert team guides organisations through a comprehensive process, conducting detailed risk assessments and developing tailored risk treatment strategies. Through a consultative approach, we closely engage with clients to address their unique vulnerabilities, operational characteristics, and security needs.

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Connley Walker is an independent security consulting group with engineers specialising in physical and cyber security and risk management.

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